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Alteration Rooms

For any garment modification, tops or bottoms, we are able to furnish all necessary finishing equipment to meet your needs. A must for every alteration room is the Model FX42; our world recognized utility foot press. Along with the FX-42, we also offer leggers, toppers, blockers, shoulder, armhole and collar shapes, any of which can be installed on any of our four different frames. We also can offer you any of the presses as SELF-CONTAINED, built with its own boiler, vacuum and iron. Our self-contained Series of steam presses are designed for simplified installations and better utilization of expensive floor space. A complete finishing center without the need for centralized steam and vacuum.

We are pleased to introduce our new Vacuum Table finishing systems, which are available in the Medallion Series and Regency Series. Both have successfully been sold and used in garment factories and alteration rooms.

REGENCY 1100/1300 - economically priced - heavy duty for years of trouble free service. 42" and 51" aerodynamically and ergonomically designed utility style table with thermostatically controlled heating press surface, powerful built-in vacuum, adjustable height, air volume control lever, and interchangeable foot pedal for left hand or right hand use. The is the perfect table for finishing dresses, blouses, men's and ladies sportswear, and all touchups.

GRAND REGENCY - economically priced 51" utility style vacuum table. Same features as the REGENCY but with built-in vacuum/ up air to eliminate shine. This is the perfect table for all types of fabrics: from silk, wool and denim and is a must for all linings.

REGENCY R-51 - Economically priced 25" x 51" rectangular vacuum board complete with thermostatically controlled heated pressing surface, powerful built-in vacuum, adjustable air volume control lever, adjustable height, interchangeable foot pedal for right or left hand operation. This is the perfect table for shirt finishing, underpressing of small parts and touchups of all garments.

TEMPO - utility style vacuum table with self-contained vacuum. Heated press surface, adjustable height, folding legs. This is a true time saver for home sewers, small retail stores, and bridal shops.

MEDALLION - 42" and 51" Aerodynamically and ergonomically designed utility style vacuum table with thermostatically controlled heated press surface, up -air, powerful built-in vacuum, adjustable height, interchangeable foot pedal for left hand or right hand use. Perfect for finishing dresses, blouses, and men's and ladies jacket linings. Heavy gauge construction throughout - built to withstand the high production needs typically found in multi-shift garment factories.

ROYAL MEDALLION - 51" aerodynamically designed heavy gauge steel utility table. Same as the Medallion but equipped with both up-air and up steam. Other standard features include: swing away swing arm with heated buck, overhead trolley rail and hanger, steam electric iron with low boy and PTFE iron shoe


In conjunction to the above vacuum boards we also offer our complete line of electric boilers in lieu of a central boiler system.

New from Hoffman, the Regal Rotating Cabinet is designed to finish jackets, coats, dresses, pants and skirts. High quality of finished garments is achieved by manual tensioning. Steam and high-volume air are simultaneously injected into the enclosed cabinet, conditioning the garment, inside and out, without distortion or stretching.

Features of the new Regal Rotating Cabinet include: state-of-the-art 10-program microprocessor with manual or automatic start. Adding the two-hanger bar converts the cabinet to a 200 per hour mini tunnel in approximately 20 seconds. The Regal Rotating Cabinet is so well designed that an unskilled employee can be trained in less than a day to successfully operate the equipment.


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FX-42 utility

FX - 42 Utility

FX-42SC self contained
FX - 42SC Self Contained

Regency 1100/1300
Regency 1100/1300

Grand Regency
Grand Regency

Regency R-51
Regency R-51 Rectangular

Tempo Vaccum Table


Royal Medallion
Royal Medallion

Regal Rotating Cabinet
Regal Rotating Cabinet
















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