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The redesigned JUDI II Tensioning Form Finisher offers dry cleaners a state-of-the-art machine that improves quality, increases production, and reduces production costs.

The JUDI II is designed to finish a wide range of garments including: jackets, blouses, coats, sweaters and all types and styles of outerwear. The JUDI II utilizes a 10-channel microprocessor to control steam, steam/air, and air cycles. The height of each garment is automatically sensed by photocells ensuring proper positioning regardless of garment length. Manual override controls allow the operator the flexibility to use both front and rear clamps and side expanders as required.
The microprocessor is very user-friendly allowing operators with minimum training to store and modify programs in a few seconds.

The new economically priced FORMASTER Form Finisher is designed to finish jackets, coats, blouses, dresses, raincoats, sweaters and knits in one operation. Features of the FORMASTER include a adjustable high volume fan, automatic timers, foot pedal start, adjustable waist and bust controls, revolving form assembly, water spray gun /condenser and a anti-stretch over-bag system. Optional accessories for the FORMASTER include: built-in boiler; complete selection of forms; tall, children's, knit shirts, skirts and sweaters.

New from Hoffman, the Regal Rotating Cabinet is designed to finish jackets, coats, dresses, pants and skirts. High quality of finished garments is achieved by manual tensioning. Steam and high-volume air are simultaneously injected into the enclosed cabinet, conditioning the garment, inside and out, without distortion or stretching.

Features of the new Regal Rotating Cabinet include: state-of-the-art 10-program microprocessor with manual or automatic start. Adding the two-hanger bar converts the cabinet to a 200 per hour mini tunnel in approximately 20 seconds. The Regal Rotating Cabinet is so well designed that an unskilled employee can be trained in less than a day to successfully operate the equipment.


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