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UA-45 Offset Press

The UA-45 Offset Press is the perfect machine for drycleaning hard to handle and specialty garments such as wedding gowns. It has an offset head and buck to facilitate the fast and easy lay-up of otherwise difficult to handle garments. It has an adjustable tray adjacent to the table to hold portions of large garments and it can be removed to simply place a hamper beneath the press. The UA-45 Offset is built on the rugged heavy duty UA frame and is available in either a left (UA-45OL) or right (UA-45-OR) configuration and with either a normal drycleaning spray steam press head or a polished hot head (UA-45HHOL & UA-45HHOR). The polished hot head is useful for the very highest quality finishing of linens and light colored silks.

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ua 45 offset utility
UA-45 Offset Utility





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