Hoffman/New Yorker

(For Trailers over 13'7")

From New Jersey: Take 80 West to Route 380 North, then Route 81 North and get off at the Pennsylvania Turnpike exit. Pick up Route 6 & 11 West, which will run together for a few miles. At the split, stay on Route 6 West and continue on Route 6 West all the way thru Wysox and across the river bridge to the traffic light. Turn left at the light and in approximately two miles you will come to a tee, this will be Route 220. Turn left, stay on Route 220 South, you will go through Monroeton and New Albany. After you go thru New Albany you are about five miles from the plant, which is on the left hand side and is a blue building with Hoffman/New Yorker Inc. on the front.


Take 80 West to Route 81 South and get off at exit 34 for Buckhorn. Take Route 42 North to the tee of Route 220. Turn right onto Route 220 North into Dushore. At the traffic light continue on thru on Route 220 North. From the light to the plant is approximately two miles. The plant is a blue building on the right hand side with Hoffman/New Yorker, Inc. on the front.


Note: There is a bridge on Route 87 with a height of (13 FT - 7 IN)