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As leaders in the industry, we have a full array of presses for both industrial workwear manufacturers and industrial laundries. For manufacturers, we offer a full line of steam and steam electric leggers and toppers. Our specialized cast aluminum heads will give you hotter and equal temperature distribution throughout the press head. Typically, these presses are built with our dual cylinder type universal frame or our dual cylinder even higher pressure "D" frame. For the Industrial Launderers, we offer a full array of dry cleaning style presses, laundry hot head presses and cabinet shirt equipment. Also, we offer our specialized automated pants system consisting of the TOPCON Blower/ConditionerTopper and the CAPTEX Automated Pants Carousel machine with auto unloader and auto hanging device.




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SEUL-4 legger
SEUL- 4 Legger

T-814 topcon
T- 814 Topcon

CL-180IJ captex pants system
CL- 180IJ Captex Pants System

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