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Cabinet Body Presses

Our Cabinet Shirt systems are offered as a single (Model SLBC-V) or double buck (Model SLDBC-V) and are built for efficiency, productivity, higher quality of finishing and higher profitability. Simplification and easier maintenance were important factors in the design, resulting in very few air valves, tubing, solenoids, etc. as compared to other machines. The smooth, positive buck transfer design eliminates messy rails, sleeves dragging and buck collisions. Proprietary head design ensures even, hotter head temperatures for faster and improved body finishing. Our internally heated Sizewise® bucks offer the widest size range of shirt processing, as well as excellent finishing of the sides and side seams. We utilize a "proven in the garment industry" PLC control which also offers more in-depth self diagnostics and management productivity information than other machines. These machines include a built-in heat exchanger for preheating the air that is delivered to the side and yoke bags, have a self-contained blower eliminating compressed air to the side and yoke bags and the resultant soiling of the shirt from air compressor contaminates and utilizes slightly porous air bags for faster and better finishing of the sides and yokes. These same features are included on our Model CSL Cabinet Sleever as well as automatic sleeve size adjustment, no use of expander blades thus eliminating unwanted wrinkles, automatic cuff clamp opening and easy accurate seam alignment. There is also an option for our patented pneumatic cuff clamps that further increase operator productivity as well as quality. The Model ALC-8 Collar/Cuff is built on our world-renowned heavy duty UA frame. It has been proven from actual field testing that the ALC-8 absolutely provides the highest quality crisp finish. Consistent high temperature head design quickens drying time (up to 25%). New ergonomic design includes Soft Touch control buttons to reduce operator fatigue and increase operator productivity.

Shirt finishing

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csl sleever
CSL Sleever

alc-8 collar/cuff
ALC- 8 Collar/Cuff













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