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As innovators, Hoffman/New Yorker is always looking to design new specialty products that will reduce your operating costs and increase your quality. The Model ALB-54 was designed for the highest quality finishing of Doctor and Lab Coats. Built on our heavy duty UA Series frame, it will provide long life with very low maintenance. Also, the highest available finishing pressure is assured from a unique dual cylinder package. Specially designed heads and bucks provide fast, even drying and perfect finishing on the hard to finish armhole and side areas of the coats. The ergonomic design includes softouch control buttons to reduce operator fatigue and meet ANSI standards. Also built on our heavy duty UA frame, the Model ALS-6 was designed to press sharp creases into both shirt sleeves in one operation as requested by a number of shirt makers, the US Army, US Marine Corps and an elite military college. The Model ALS-6 has been designed for high productivity and consistent highest quality with a minimum of operator training.


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ALB-54 Lab Coat
ALB-54 Lab Coat

als-6 double shirt seeve ALS- 6 Double Shirt Sleeve






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