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Topcon Series Blower Toppers

Hoffman/New Yorker is pleased to offer our new generation of Topcon Blower/Toppers. This entire new series of machines has been designed to finish a complete pair of bottoms in one very fast operation. New ergonomic design will improve your quality and increase your production. No special skills are required. New 40 Channel programmer with V.F.D. (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) allows absolutely clear viewing of control data from any angle and in any lighting condition. Specially designed steam jets ensure complete steam penetration and optimum conditioning quality. This Topcon Series has reduced noise (decibel) levels compared to other makes, which increases operator comfort. Our new Topcon Series can be used with our Model CL-180IJ Captex Pants System for all types of fabrics including denim.

Industrial Laundry

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t-811 topcon
T- 811 Topcon

t-814 topcon
T- 814 Topcon


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