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Hoffman/New Yorker offers all shirt manufacturers a complete line of shirt finishing equipment. Our CSS SERIES cabinet type body presses, available in both single and double buck configurations, offer you the proven highest standard of finishing. The CSS series, which includes models DBC-VG Double Buck Cabinet, CSL-G Cabinet Sleever, and ALC-8 Collar/Cuff, are all built for operator efficiency and high productivity. Our machines are designed with very little maintenance requirements. Our "G" Series of cabinets have many unique features specifically for the shirt maker. Worldwide, major shirt makers have tested, approved and adopted these models as their standard production machinery with numerous repeat orders. We have also developed a specialized series of fusing equipment that eliminates seam puckering. The SS Series comprises four models with special head and buck shapes for the different shirt seams. Model ALUSSF is for shoulders/armholes, model ESEUCM-30 for double side seams, model ESEUSD-44 for double sleeve seams and the model ESEUSAS that combines the side and sleeve seams into one operation.

Hoffman is pleased to introduce our new RSS 4000 Robotic Shirt Finishing System developed for apparel manufacturers to finish the entire body and sleeves of men's and ladies shirts, blouses, and knits, in one operation. New ergonomic design with simplified height adjustment gives a superior finish in processing wet, damp or dry garments.

Features of the RSS 4000 include: self-contained vacuum for positioning, setting and cooling of the placket, and automatic side-seam and back tensioning. Shirt manufacturers running two machines in tandem experience output rates of 80 to 120 shirts per hour.


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ALC-8 collar cuff
ALC-8 Collar/Cuff

ALUSSF shoulder armhole seam
ALUSSF Shoulder/Armhole Seam

RSS 4000
RSS 4000

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